Vintage 2 Piece Sectional Sofa
Vintage 2 Piece Sectional Sofa

Ebay price: $1,750.00
Gunn  Bookcase Desk Section
Gunn Bookcase Desk Section

Ebay price: $215.00

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Antique Globe Wernicke Mission Style 5 Section Barrister Bookcase Circa 1890 , ★Antique Widman Weiss ??? Barrister bookcase DOOR Oak stack lawyer sectional★C47, Macey Stepback Bookcase Section, ANTIQUE MACEY STACKING BOOK CASE BARRISTER SECTION MISSION 711 FINISH 9, Globe Wernicke C 197 Oak Bookcase Stack Complete Section RESTORE or PARTS 1, VINTAGE SIGNED PHYLLIS MORRIS 3 SECTION CONSULATE DISPLAY CABINET W DOCUMENTS, Globe Wernicke C 11 198 Bookcase Section, Pennsylvania German Dutch 2 Section Wardrobe Museum Worthy Antique Rare, 3 Section Mahogany Bookcase, Macey Stepback Bookcase Section, Antique Oak Lundstrom 4 section Barrister Bookcase , RARE1915 GLOBE WERNICKE® SECTIONAL BOOKCASE PRICE LIST, Lundstrom 4 section Lawyer Barrister Bookcase, 1960s Mid Century Ficks Reed Rattan 3pc Sectional Sofa w Original Cushion Covers, Beautiful Regency Chippendale Style Mahogany 3 Section Bookcase Book Shelf MINT, ★Antique Widman Weiss ??? Barrister bookcase DOOR Oak stack lawyer sectional★C45, Oak One Section Barrister Bookcase Part, BIG RARE CHROMCRAFT BLACRAFT 1950s 3 Pc Sectional Couch Gold AS IS, Globe Wernicke Antique Golden Oak Barristers 4 Section Stacking Bookcase, Antique Arts&Crafts Oak Macey Stack Bookcase Double Wide Sectional Barristers, Globe Wernicke 3 Section File Cabinet, SUPERB GUNN TIGER OAK STACKING LAWYERS BOOKCASE w DESK SECTION , Globe Wernicke D 299 Oak 8 1 2 Bookcase Section, Vintage WEIS BARRISTER BOOKCASE SECTION Marked 0 VERY RARE, Antique Double Stack Bookcase Sectional Mahogany Finish 1920's Mission Empire , Antique Mission Oak Vtg Macey Lawyers Old Bookcase Top Section 811 Finish 2 5, C2168 Antique Oak 4 Tiered Oak Sectional Stacking Barrister's Bookcase Macey, ANTIQUE MACEY STACKING BOOK CASE BARRISTER SECTION MISSION 711 FINISH 58 2 , Four Section Pierce Carved Inlaid Rosewood Pakistan Serian Folding Screen, 52179 3 section Modern Wicker Wall Unit Bookcase Cabinet s, ANTIQUE STACK FILE CABINET SECTION PART 1 4 SAWN TIGER OAK , Antique Mahogany Regency 3 Section Semicircular Hunt Board Table c1900, Antique Gunn walnut barrister stacking bookcase with secretary section , OUTRAGEOUS MOLDED ALUMINUM SCULPTURAL PACE STYLE SECTIONAL COCKTAIL TABLE, Vintage Industrial Steel Union Style No 210 Sectional Drawer Cabinet Jewelry Box, Lundstrom Oak 6 Section Barrister Bookcase, Exceptional Mid Century Chicklet 3 Piece Sectional Sofa, French 3 Section Gilded Wrought Iron and Rattan Decorative Screen , SECTIONAL FURNITURE PATENT. SCHMIDT,GERMANY.1908, ★Antique Widman Weiss ??? Barrister bookcase DOOR Oak stack lawyer sectional★C46, Globe Wernicke Mission Oak Stack 5 Sectional Bookcase Barrister Arts , SECTIONAL STACKING Bookcase Side Straps 17 1 2 BL2799, 1950's Mid 20th Century Modern 12ft Edward Wormley Dunbar 2 pc Sectional Sofa, Globe Wernicke D 299 Oak 8 1 2 Bookcase Section, Vintage Ficks Reed Rattan corner sectional set bamboo pit with extra side table, antique Bookcase Section TOP&BOTTOM 1 SECTION NO GLASS, ANTIQUE GUNN BARRISTER BOOKCASE MAHOGANY SECTION PART, NO DOOR , ANTIQUE English MAHOGANY Sectional ARMOIRE Wardrobe Closet w Mirror c1905 h38a, Antique Globe Wernicke Quartered Oak Bookcase Section, 25364:Udell Oak 5 Section Barrister Bookcase, WHOLE LOT of antique stacking barrister sectional bookcases Macey Globe Wernicke, Saporitti sectional, Vintage 2 Piece Sectional Sofa, sectional vintage electric blue 3 piece corner couch, Futorian Stratford Vintage 3 Piece Sectional Sofa Couch, Antique Globe Wernicke Stacking File Bookcase Section Part , LATE 1800' S 3 SECTION FLOUR GRAIN BIN WITH BREAD BOARD WHITE AND BLUE PAINT, ★Rockwell Wabash Barrister Bookcase OAK Step Back E SECTION globe wernicke macey, Late 19th Century Antique Mahogany Triple Section Wardrobe Armoire, Ex. Cond., BAKER UPHOLSTERED SECTIONAL SOFA Seat Settee Couch Armchair Vintage Mid Century, ANTIQUE OAK SECTIONAL STACKING BOOKCASE DOOR PAIR GUNN, BFB Antique Oak 4 Tiered Sectional, Stacking Barrister's Bookcase Tiger Oak, Antique Macey Sectional Lawyers Bookcase JC, ANTIQUE MACEY STACKING BOOK CASE BARRISTER SECTION MISSION 711 FINISH 58 1 , Elegant Vintage Three Piece Sectional French Sofa Romantic Hollywood Style Roses, CHIC 60s HOLLYWOOD REGENCY CURVED VENETIAN GILDED SECTIONAL SOFA DAMASK COUCH, Macy Quartered Oak Sectional Bookcase Leaded Door, Antique Macey Mission Oak Stack 5 Sectional Bookcase w Drawer Barrister , Gunn Bookcase Desk Section, VINTAGE ITALIAN STYLE 2 PIECE SECTIONAL WICKER TRIM VELOUR UPHOLSTERY, Macey Oak 12 1 4 Bookcase Section, 52827 Oriental 4 Section Room Divider Screen , Gunn Sectional Bookcase Wood BIRCH Size 11, Vtg Mid Century Modern Sectional Sofa Couch Seafoam Green, Globe Wernicke C 198 Oak Bookcase Stack Complete Section RESTORE or PARTS, 50958 Large Oriental 4 Section Room Divider Screen, Antique Art Metal Stacking Bookcase Machine Age Industrial 3 Section, Globe Wernicke Barrister Sectional Bookcase Model 3313 B.G.D 14 Finish 385 1 2


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